Manage your weight and relationship with food

Manage your weight and relationship with food

Many people struggle with their weight, how we look and feel about ourselves impacts our lives and relationships. Being under or over weight impacts everything we do and the way we think. It can impact our self-confidence and it can limit us physically. It’s common to try and hide under baggy clothes and avoid being seen in swimwear or perhaps make excuses so that you don’t have to attend social events.

Does that sound familiar?   scales

The diet industry in the UK alone, is worth £2 billion (ref Independent 2013). Have you ever wondered why the industry is worth so much? Diet plans are short term and not sustainable yet when they are on the diet the individual may get to their desired shape. However once the diet is ended the weight creeps back on and often more than the individual lost in the first place. Diets look at what goes into our mouths but not the reason behind the habits and emotions that control your relationship with food with a long term and sustainable goal. Often we start diets with an event in mind e.g. I want to lose weight for my holiday, for a birthday or perhaps to wear and certain dress or outfit that you have not been able to get into to an event. That is what most of us do, the issue is that in our mind there is an expiry date and once we have been arrived on holiday the diet goes out the window. Or once we have worn that dress we could not fit in for the event the old unwanted habits return and so does the weight.

Life style changes work, diets don’t! We work with you to identify your own personal goals as we are all wonderfully different, and have experienced different journeys in our lives. We use a combination of NLP techniques and hypnosis, we identify the eating habits, reasons and emotional needs behind eating which supports long term changes not just the symptoms of over or under eating.  This method not only works for weight loss but also weight gain where there is an underlying eating disorder. Weight relationship management

People are not their behaviors we are so much more than that!! We all do the best we can with the resources we have available to us. With more resources available to us or if you like the correct tools in our tool kit we can make changes to our behavior and life.

We identify your values and beliefs in different areas of your life, e.g. work, family, health and fitness. We realign your values so that they are aligned to your personal goal. We look at your motivation strategy, and if required change the strategy that runs in your mind. Can you imagine being motivated to exercise? Being motivated to eat healthy?

We can make you think that celery (yuk) is as enjoyable as chocolate! Yes really, we can. We can take your naughty treat such as ice cream and make it unappealing to eat. We use other NLP techniques such as Time Line Therapy, hypnosis, parts integration, and values inventory. If required we will use the hypnotic gastric band technique. During the sessions you will learn which tools you need in your tool kit to help you make the long term changes to your behavior and life.   weight_3

You also have to work hard. You will be expected to keep a food and emotion diary, and would be given tasks to complete after every session, the changes happen outside of the session as well.

The result you will end up eating a healthy balanced diet, really enjoy your meals, have the energy to your need to exercise and have a healthy active life. You will also look great too and will have achieved your desired shape and sustainable weight loss.

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