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Think of the NLP techniques that we use as a tool kit for dealing with challenges in your life. Once you are given the correct tools, instruction manual, and coached on how to complete a task then you are able to do that task on your own.  NLP deals with the root cause, and is content free. What do I mean by content free? Each significant event in your life has emotions and senses associated to it, sights, (Visual) sounds, (Auditory) feelings (Kinaesthetic).nlp coaching

A lot of teaching and coaching is also based around VAK as It recognises people are different and we have different learning styles. Therefore we learn better if there is a mix of teaching styles. E.g. practical sessions as well as listening and writing.  There is no right or wrong as to which senses should be used.  Everyone is different, just different not wrong, and this is what makes us all wonderfully unique. We also remember events differently using the VAK system.

Most therapies use the conscious mind, talking through the event that occurred. We use the unconscious mind, where memories, values and beliefs and senses associated to memories are stored. We deal with these senses associated to the event rather than talk through the actual event that happened.

It can be daunting thinking about coming to see a coach. The sessions are very relaxed, friendly, goal orientated, and fun.  You will be given tasks to complete in-between the sessions as your changes will take place outside the sessions as well.  If I ask you to shut your eyes, go on…. go ahead, shut them now. Who is responsible for shutting your eyes? Yes, you are? You will make the amazing changes, I will be your coach to help your achieve your goal.

NLP is also fundamentally about the study of excellence.

What is NLP?

NLP was started in 1970 by John Grinder and Richard Bandler (based on the learnings from Milton Erickson (a hypnotherapist), Virginia Satir (a family therapist), and Fritz Perls (founder of Gestalt therapy). The core of NLP is the internal representations that we all make when events occur.

  • Visual thoughts – sight, mental imagery, spatial awareness
  • Auditory (or linguistic) thoughts – sound, speech, dialog, white noise
  • Kinesthetic (or proprioceptive) sense – somatic feelings in the body, temperature, pressure, and also emotion.

Although sensory acuity is not a new thing, you only need to read Shakespeare or scripts from the Ancient Greeks to notice that.

What it’s not?

  • Hocus Pocus
  • A religion or belief
  • Brain washing
  • Being gullible
  • A forever therapy – we give you the tools and tool kit to deal with things your self

What it is?

  • The study of excellence
  • It’s simple and straight forward
  • Content free
  • Quick
  • Goal orientated There is no right or wrong, just different ways of thinking gives you new resources or tools to help you reach your goals
  • It’s about recognising that how you think does affect how you feel, and how you feel does affect how you behave … and when you know this, and then learn how to think, feel and act in the way that works best for you, then you are choosing the best filters to look through.


The first step is wanting to change. It’s rather like the old light bulb joke, Q – How many people does it take to change a light bulb? A – One it’s got to want to change. The second step is contacting Your Great Mind for an initial phone consultation, when we listen and understand what you are looking for and what you wish to achieve. Then we agree the best form techniques that will help you, and agree a plan. We want you to achieve and be the best you can be, so we give you 100% during the sessions.

What If

You had more clarity in your thoughts. All old negative emotional baggage that had been holding you back from making the changes that you wanted to make was dumped? How would you feel? Can you imagine what the new you would look and sound like? Perhaps you will be far more confident, motivated or have more self-belief. We are not talking a short term feel good factor such as a spa break or a two week holiday in the sun, as the changes last longer and in some cases are permanent. That really would be a great thing for certain, don’t you think?

The Map is not the Territory

NLPCommunicationModelIt means that your understanding of the world is based on how you represent it – your map and not the world itself. In order to understand the world we map it in our brains.

In short it is like an operating manual for the brain, we give the brain a new manual with different set of instructions to use to achieve your specific goal.

Techniques Used

There are a number of Tools that we use in NLP. Below give you an overview of some of the tools or techniques we use.


A lot of people are worried when they think of Hypnosis. Therapeutic hypnosis is nothing like the hypnosis that you see on the television.  You are in an altered ‘state’ of awareness that will allow access to the unconscious mind. You know that lovely sleepy state in the morning when you are warm and toasty under the duvet, your alarm has gone off but you are having a 5 min relax and snooze, but you are aware of the noises around you? That’s right it’s a great place to be, that is rather like the feeling you might have with hypnosis. We use hypnosis to suggest things to the unconscious mind, it is common not to remember consciously the suggestions.


AnchorsEvery day we are anchored. You may not realise it but you are, and they are very powerful. If you see a red traffic light you with automatically stop. If you hear your favourite piece of music you will be taken back to a time when you were e.g. happy and may remember what you were doing when you first heard it. Or perhaps a certain type of music motivates and energies you. Remember how your parents or guardians said your name when you were in trouble? There was a certain tone and sound associated to it that made you think Uh Oh I am in trouble.  We can use anchors in a positive way in NLP to get the desired outcome and state for sport, phobias, fears, exam worry, horse riding, confidence, smoking cessation, and the list is endless.

Cause and Effect

Are you at Cause or Effect? To help you answer that let me explain what Cause and Effect is.

CauseAndEffectBeing at Cause mean you take responsibility for what you have achieved or will achieve in your life (give yourself a pat on the back). You see the world as a place you can create your own opportunities and future. If things are not going in the direction you desire then you choose to take action and change things or explore other options. Being at cause means you have choices in your life — you can choose what is best for you while ensuring the choice is ecological for those around you, those in your community and your society. That is, you consider the consequences of your actions on others, while not taking responsibility for their emotional well-being — believing you are responsible for the emotional well-being of someone else places a heavy burden on you and can cause a great deal of stress.

Being at Effect means you may blame others or circumstances for your bad moods or for what you have not achieved or for your life in general. You may feel powerless or depend on others in order for you to feel good about yourself or about life — If only my spouse, my boss, my co-workers, my parents, my children, … understood me and helped me achieve my dreams or did what I wanted or what is best for me, then life would be great. If you wait and hope for things to be different or for others to provide, then you are at effect or a victim of circumstances. And really, how much fun is that? And how much fun do you think it is for others to be around you? Believing that someone else is responsible, or making them responsible, for your happiness or your different moods is very limiting and gives this person some mystical power over you, which can cause you a great deal of anguish.

Those who live their lives at effect often see themselves or live their lives as victims with no choices whatsoever. The irony is that they do have choice and they have chosen not to choose but to be responsive to whatever is given to them.

We help you to be at Cause to take responsibility to change and reach your GOALS

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