Personal Resilience

The only thing that is certain in life is change. The world is evolving & changing at fast pace. There are some super inventions 3D printing to create limbs. Truly life changing for some people. It is a world in which everything is required or wanted NOW. If we order from Amazon Prime we expect it to be on our door step next day. But this can also have an impact on us.

Through my work as a consultant Project Manager, Business Analyst and Trainer I have witnessed first-hand what happens when there is little or no personal resilience in a team. This can take the form or stress, depression, (yes that tobo word depression) fatigue, burnout & sickness. You might have your own label for this, its just a label we apply but the under lying presenting symptoms are all very similar.

Humans are not machines! The world we live in now has an increased demand on our time. Through constant emails phones, text messages, social media, phone calls etc

It is OK not to be OK. However it is important to recognise this and to be able to manage it before things get out of hand. Would you expect your car to work if you forgot to fill it up with fuel, & stopped servicing it? No of course not we make sure they are road worthy with MOTs. So why don’t we take the same care and attention when it comes to ourselves? If we keep our selves topped up with fuel and serviced then we will be able to manage the journeys ahead of us far better

As a result I combined my skills of a Master Practitioner in NLP and CIPD CTP and have designed a Personal Resilience course. The course also includes long practiced martial arts techniques. The aim is to give tools and techniques to the participants to manage their own Personal Resilience and also to support their team mate’s friends and family.

Resilience Training

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