I have been lucky to work with some amazing clients. What truly makes my day is the changes I see physically and mentally in my clients. Don’t just take my word for it, read what they say

Weight Management

  • I have just started with this and it’s making a huge difference already, I feel totally different, more positive, very much on an even keel, more focused and am now understanding myself much better


  • I’m just a stone away from my target weight now, having lost more than two stone.  Keeping a food and feelings diary has really helped and I am already looking forward to being in yet another smaller size jeans (I’ve dropped two sizes already).


  •  I had hypnosis and some other NLP techniques to help with weight loss about 7 weeks ago, Liz made me feel comfortable throughout the couple of sessions and is always there if I need to talk about anything, I regularly send a food and mood diary and have had help with the foods I was eating, bizarrely I was putting on weight but not consuming enough calories! We discussed the triggers for my eating which turned out to be something quite unexpected.
    I have recently realised how my eating habits have changed without me really working at it or consciously thinking what I am eating. My portions have got smaller and the fresh healthy foods have increased. Liz did not work on any specific foods with me, that could come later if I wanted/needed it. I have “wanted” more fruit and veg than before and found myself buying, eating and enjoying fruit I used to avoid as I didn’t like it. I had pizza and garlic bread last week, looked forward to it, I ate less than normal but felt bloated and uncomfortable afterwards, all I wanted was nice fresh fruit. This has really surprised me, my usual go to food when stressed/tired/bored/reward was chocolate, biscuits or crisps with no portion control. I have not eaten any or these for 3 weeks and have not missed them! Over the last 2 weeks I have lost 7lbs, amazing! I feel full and have more energy than before, I rarely if ever think….I’m hungry what can I eat….it’s more like….oh it’s 1.30 I better eat something.
    Highly recommend Your Great Mind and look forward to a leaner fitter me. I know if I have any blips Liz is there to help me get back on track instantly but am happy that the knowledge and confidence she has given me has provided me with the tools I need for the rest of my life
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