NLP is now common place in the sports world

Sports Coaching

NLP Sports Coaching is now common place in the sports world with many top sports men and women training both physically and mentally.

We work with;

  • Martial Artists

  • Boxers

  • Kick Boxers

  • Runners

  • Tri athletes

  • Cyclists

  • Swimmers

  • Golfers

  • Iron Man / Ladies

  • Horse riders

  • Clay shooters
  • Weight lifters



Top sportsmen and women often talk of being in the zone. Technically do you have the ability to compete or enjoy your sport but when it matters there is something that lets you down? Have you ever wondered what that something is? Your brain is a muscle too, it also needs to be trained just like all your other muscles. How many hours a week do you spend physically training the rest of your body so why neglect one of the most important muscles? Yes your brain.

There are three factors that influence our sporting ability; our fitness, our technical skills and our mental skills. With Sports Coaching we can mentally prepare for our chosen sport. Although many sports performers will spend a lot of their time on their fitness and technical skills, the mental side of the game is often neglected. And yet it is amazing how good we can be at using our minds to work against us. Even before we start an activity, we can often find a number of reasons for failure – doubt, bad weather, lack of practice, tiredness, anxiety, stress – and find ourselves living up (or ‘down’) to our expectations. 

Essentially, we can find ourselves performing badly because we are not using our minds in a positive way. As a result, we can form limiting beliefs about ourselves which leave us expecting failure rather than success. Perhaps when you are aware of people watching you, you feel as if you curl up into a little ball, you tuck your head in and look at the floor, maybe you think they are talking about you (of course in a negative way due to you own lack of self belief) and wish the ground would swallow you up.


Most sportspeople have experienced times when they are ‘in the zone’, where they are performing at their physical and mental best in what some describe as a state of “Flow”.  If you ask someone who is at the top of their game how they achieve flow many will say things like “I don’t know it JUST happens”.  What this means is that it is an unconscious process and it is outside of their normal conscious awareness. In other words they are using their unconscious mind. Often if you were to ask a top sports man or women whom excel at their sport and are in the zone, ‘What do you think when you start the event?’ What do you think when you are in the middle or the event? They can’t tell you as it is totally unconscious process. They will say they just ‘do it’.

Usain Bolt once commented on TV that in the starting blocks he claims to think about which pizza to order after the race. How would it be if you were that focused on what pizza or drink to order next, and relaxed before the start of your event?

Many top sportsmen and women hate the thought of losing. Nobody likes to lose, and be thought of as a failure. Sometimes we are so focused on that fear of being a failure that we become one! When we lose then often we can beat ourselves up, and mentally punish ourselves. Then that fear of losing becomes even stronger.Sports Coaching_14

The top sports people compete without this fear of failure, knowing that all possible consequences lead to a positive outcome. Without the fear of failure in your mind it increases your chances of winning

Bolt sometimes lacks motivation for tough training, and counters this by repeated affirmations to himself, such as ‘I am the Best’ affirmations work at the unconscious level. His mind accepts that to be the best requires commitment to train harder than his closest rivals.


With Sports Coaching we teach you to change and manage the little nagging voices and demons with that negative self-talk by enhancing your self-belief. We use visualization and affirmations to help you believe in you.

Dealing with how you respond to failure or committing errors, setting goals and maintaining a positive attitude. We also teach you the new habit of winning or performing at the very best you can and what that feels like. Once our minds learn new desired habits and kick the old ones life sports events become great fun.

By changing how we use our minds when we approach a sporting events can change our how we physically perform and the end results. With Sports Coaching it is possible to make a significant impact on our performance levels

What If

You were able to manage your nerves, and were able to enjoy your event. Any negative self-talk or lack of self-belief had disappeared.Sports Coaching_6 You were able to use your unconscious mind and were in the famous Zone that everyone talks about, aware that there were people around you maybe even watching you, possibly talking about your performance… but it didn’t matter. The thoughts in your mind were clear and ordered. You learnt the habit of winning. You came away from your event pleased knowing you were the best you could be and you performed physically and mentally at you very best.


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