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equestrian1Your Great Mind specialises in sports coaching, in particular equestrian coaching for horse riders.  As someone who has is BHS qualified, worked with horses in eventing yards and also been involved with competing. I understand the very strong link between the riders mind and performance. How we think and feel affects how we perform and act. Horses are very perceptive and will pick up on any negative energy or thoughts. A great rider will leave personal issues from the day or week on the ground e.g. bad day at work, relationship issues, tired etc. and mount with a neutral and relaxed mind. We are responsible for the training and correct way of going of our horses. If we send mixed negative signals to them, by riding with our emotional baggage they will respond the best they can, and they will remember the session. Often resulting in riders having to take several steps back and undo the negative training, bought about by riding with a negative mind. Learn how you can leave your negative thoughts and energy on the ground and be a great rider too.

Positive thoughts equal positive results

Most people whom ride or spend time around horses are passionate about them. Horses become our lives, regardless if we are a happy hacker, a riding club rider or a serious competitor. I often think that the sport of horse riding is one of the toughest to get right. You have two bodies to keep physically in good shape and two minds.

How mentally destroying is it if you perhaps are nervous of riding? Is it your passion, horses are your love of your life but you are able to get on one due to your mind taking over with panic and fear? Many people are you are not alone. The good news is that this is a learnt behaviour, so we can coach you to unlearn this pattern of behaviour.

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Technically do you have the ability to compete or enjoy your sport but when it matters there is something that lets you down? Do you ride at competitions like you ought to be back on the lead rein? Perhaps you look at the floor and curl up in to foetal position in an effort to hide and protect yourself from the on lookers. Do you start riding like a robot in a very mechanical way, just riding the movements and lose all sense of feel and harmony with yourself and the horse? Perhaps there is a certain type of fence that you always have a stop or a knock down at? Is the horse really to blame for this?

Have you ever wondered what that something is? Your brain is a muscle too, it also needs to be trained just like all your other muscles. How many hours a week do you spend physically training the rest of your body so why neglect one of the most important muscles? Yes your brain.

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