Executive Coaching

We  have over 15 years experience working in various Corporate Organisations. We are CIPD CTP  (Charted Institute of Professional Development Certificate in Training) Practice and Prince2 qualified with experience of project managing and delivering various training courses. We have worked on large projects where communication, change management, coaching and training, have been the key to the success of the project. Below are a few courses and workshops we offer but we are aware ever business is unique so are always happy to discuss you bespoke requirements with you.

 We work with you to identify our short, medium, and long term business goals. We help you to identify how to achieve your business goals through growth and development of your staff.


Corporate Coaching is used by those wanting more clarity or purpose in the professional or personal lives, or perhaps make a career change, moving up the corporate ladder, managing  a team, or those wanting to performance the best they can do in the work place to name but a few reasons. Sometimes an external and neutral that is not part of the business can help put a fresh view point on situations.

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 What is Executive Coaching?

We all do the best we can with the resources we have available to us. With more resources available to us or if you like the correct tools in our tool kit we can make changes to our thought patterns and behaviour. How we view ourselves and behave has a big impact on the people around us, and their behaviours.

Executive Coaching is an investment in yourself, your future happiness and the business. Gym memberships, meals out, shopping, holidays bring us happiness, however it is short lived. The big difference with Life Coaching is that you will gain the tools and techniques that you need to change your life, which you can use again and again.


Coaching is based on being asked the correct questions by your coach rather than giving the correct answers. With Corporate Coaching our clients discover areas of, potential, their personal strengths and areas of learning. Which enables them to achieve personal and professional growth, through enhanced performance.

Your commitment:

  • A strong desire to change
  • A willingness to be open and honest with your life coachCorporate Coaching_1
  • The time to complete actions you set yourself
  • Readiness to invest in your future

 What if?

What if you stopped spending time and energy on the things that don’t make you happy, or will not lead you to your goal? What if you become more focused more motivated and became a better leader and coach? If you were able to communicate better with your work colleagues and associates? If you were able to motivate your team or employees? You got the desired results for the business and yourself that would be amazing wouldn’t it?

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