Equestrian Coaching

Miss X had experienced a bad fall from her horse and no longer wanted to ride. When we met she had sent her horse to a sales yard to sell. We worked together to identify her short term and longer term goals. During the sessions we used a number of techniques including Goal setting, Sub modalities, Time Line Therapy

The horse was taken out of the sales yard and put into a livery yard where X started to care for her. X was given a number of tasks to do as homework as the changes occur outside of the therapy room as well as inside. The homework consisted of a number of different things, such as keeping a diary or just grooming and lunging her horse. Practicing peripheral vision and using her anchor which we applied during one of the sessions. We set a timescale of two weeks to get her back in the saddle.  We achieved this timescale and she had a lesson and went for a hack on the horse she was once going to sell.

Chrissie, a rider who had lost her confidence so much she no longer could get on her horse. She is now enjoying riding her horse and her confidence levels in other areas of her life have also improved. We used a number of techniques including goal setting, anchoring, peripheral vision, fast phobia model, diaries and positive language enforcement.

“I do believe that the sessions we had put me on the right path to thinking more positively. We have also made some changes and what a difference once your mind set is sorted! And I now believe that positivity breeds positivity.  Thank you for the start you gave me”.

2014 Winner of the Your Great Mind Prize

“On the day of Smiths Lawn horse trials I was more excited than usual as I was travelling down to the event with my great friend and her horse, as well as my mother and our trainer. We all talked and laughed so much on the way down the journey seemed very quick.

On arrival my mother went off to collect numbers and we prepared our horses for the dressage. My horse behaved appallingly in the warm up and screamed for his travel mate to the point where someone asked if he was a stallion! However, this worked in my favour as usually he switches off in the dressage arena but that day he stormed down the centre line and really showed off and we received our best mark ever! I then walked the show jumping which was up to height, this pleased me as my horse is easier when the fences are bigger and then walked the xc which was lovely with really good going for the time of year. I returned to the lorry full of confidence. When it came to the show jumping my horse reverted to his earlier behaviour adding a few whip rounds and bucks for good measure which very nearly put me on the floor. When it came to doing the business in the ring he did a lovely clear followed by a storming xc round. Gosh I was so pleased with my boy especially as he had been very ill the season before. I could hardly believe it when I saw the score board, 2nd place was not what I was expecting and I felt really proud. The sponsors were extremely generous, I received so many wonderful useful things but best of all I received a voucher for a session with Elizabeth Hough.

Initially I did feel apprehensive as I didn’t really know what to expect, but having spoken with Elizabeth on two occasions I was confident that my visit to her would be beneficial.

I really enjoyed my session, it was a lot to take in a very short space of time. As yet I have not been to any competitions to apply what I learnt but I have used it when just riding at home to great effect. I feel a lot more confident in myself and my riding since my session and can’t wait for the season to start.

I shall hopefully be back to Smiths Lawn again this year as it is a favourite event, well run, good courses and amazing prizes!”


 Weight Relationship Management for weight loss

Mrs Y

Just started with this and it’s making a huge difference already, I feel totally different, more positive, very much on an even keel, more focused and am now understanding myself much better

Mrs Z

I’m just a stone away from my target weight now, having lost more than two stone.  Keeping a food and feelings diary has really helped and I am already looking forward to being in yet another smaller size jeans (I’ve dropped two sizes already).

Ms C

Real progress now, much more positive and focused, happy with who and where I am


Unlike other therapies NLP works with the unconscious mind not the logical conscious mind. All techniques are well pre-framed beforehand. The equestrian coaching sessions are goal focused on what specifically you want, are relaxed and above all fun



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