We have designed a number of Coaching Packages to suit you needs, to help you kick start your future. Below are some of the Coaching Packages on offer. However we are all different and have different requirements so we also offer bespoke packages. Please call us today to design your own personal package


Do you have goals for your life but have never managed to reach them? Do you ever wonder why? On your breakthrough session we find out the drivers of your behaviours – these are your values. These are things that you focus on and spend time on. Once we have found them out we can see if they are aligned with your goals (which they probably are not!) and then go through a process where we help you align your thinking to your goals. The result is that you will be clear and aligned in your way of thinking and focused on your goals.

Or perhaps you are being held back by the past, and stored negative emotions? We use Time Line Therapy to get rid of any unwanted or negative emotions and place your Goal in your future Time Line. You will be able to go into the future with new strategies and decisions based on positive emotions? How would that be?

A breakthrough session involves two full days of individually tailored intensive NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapies over the course of two days. This is a very powerful and effective level of therapy which requires total commitment from the client and therapist. It deals with issues at their deepest unconscious level and breaks through any barriers that have been holding that person back from truly living their life. After a thorough “clear out” we work together to set compelling targeted goals for your new future. We set achievable outcomes or Goals for your future. We review your values and beliefs and align them with your Goals. We will elicit any limiting decision or beliefs that you may have about yourself.  We will also use Hypnosis for deep relaxation.

After you Breakthrough session, you will have my support for a further 3 months. This will include hourly appointments every two weeks via telephone or Skype or if necessary, a face to face appointment can be arranged. You can also email me at any time during this period to discuss your progress or if you require my support.

Plus 3 months free additional coaching


Have you struggled with your weight? Are you yoyo dieter? Do you lose weight then it piles back on, and sometimes even more than you lost? Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food? Perhaps you binge eat when you are stressed? You are not alone the diet industry is had an estimated worth £2 billion in 2013. It’s not surprising as diets don’t work.

The weight management package, has had years of research into the issue of weight management. We look at the cause of the weight issue and the reason behind the habits and emotions that control the relationship with food.

We work with you to identifying your own personal goals as we are all different, and have experienced different journeys in our lives. Weight Relationship Management will enable you to change your relationship with food and how you think about food and your body shape with a combination of NLP techniques such as Time Line Therapy, hypnosis, parts integration, and values inventory to support a healthy shape life style. We look at all parts of your life and the values you have and realign your values hierarchy in any area that is not giving you the results you want. We look at any conflicts that you might have a use a process called Parts Integration and remove any limits decisions or beliefs that you may have about yourself.

How would it be to be the healthy shape, size you want and to have a good relationship with food? With your values aligned and positive emotions and feeling for the future?


  • 2 Full Days
  • Plus 3 months free additional coaching
  • Including a free mood and food diary
  • email life style and coaching tips

Fears and Phobias

Do you have a limiting fear or phobia that stops you from doing the things you would like to do? Perhaps it is flying and you would love to go on holiday abroad. Or perhaps it is the dentist and your teeth are of poor quality and you try to hide them away by not smiling? Maybe you are a parent with a phobia, and your children are learning to copy your behaviour and phobia?

Phobias affect 10 million people in the UK from all ages and backgrounds. So you are not alone, and you can choose to rid yourself of your phobia. What would it mean to you to no longer be ruled by your fear or phobia?

Phobias are created in the mind.  People aren’t born with them. In fact, babies are born with only two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Fears or Phobias are not something we are born with, but something we have learnt to do very well. With NLP we discover the very first event that taught us to have the phobia (it could be from child hood). We then use a number of NLP techniques such as the Fast Phobia Model, and Time Line Therapy to change the learnings from that event, so that you learn there is no need to have that Fear or Phobia and the panic attacks.

Some Phobias and fears (depending how deep root the cause is) can be removed in one session. One session to be able to live your life without a Phobia or Fear that would be amazing wouldn’t- it?


One 3 hour session


Life Coaching

Do you feel you are stuck in a routine and never achieve what you want? Do you often look at other people’s success and wonder what they are doing differently from you? Or perhaps you have listened to what society wants you to do and lost sight of who you really are and your personal values and beliefs. Perhaps you are stuck in a rut and are unsure which direction to turn?

With Life Coaching we remove any unwanted of limiting beliefs. We help you re find your personal values and beliefs and coach you to create the future you want. We will use a number of techniques use a Time Line Therapy™, Values level thinking, NLP Coaching, and more. You will end up with targeted goals, with a clear mind for your future.

Choose from one of the below packages or call us for a bespoke package

Sports Coaching

Top sportsmen and women often talk of being in the zone. How many hours a week do you physically train for? Technically do you have the ability to compete or enjoy your sport but when it matters there is something that lets you down? Have you ever wondered what that something is? Your brain is a muscle too, it also needs to be trained. How many hours a week do you spend training the rest of your body so why neglect one of the most important muscles?

With Sports Coaching we look at and remove any limiting beliefs or decisions that you might have on an unconscious level. We will review your values in relation to your sport and realign the hierarchy if required. We use Time Line Therapy™, to remove any negative stored emotions that cloud your judgement in your sport. We also use hypnosis to help the unconscious mind focus and be prepared for your sport. By training the biggest and most important muscle in your body you will be both physically and mentally prepared, and have clarity and positive thinking.

Choose from one of the below packages or call us for a bespoke package


  • Initial two hour session
  • Four one hour face to face sessions

Package Price £900


  • Initial two hour session
  • Six one hour face to face sessions

 Package Price £1050


For longer term coaching often a combination Face to Face and Skype coaching sessions work very well. The initial session is face to face following on with a combination of F2F and skype sessions. It also gives you the flexibility of having some of the session in your own home at a convenient time.

  • Initial two hour session
  • Six one hour face to face sessions
  • Six one hour Telephone/Skype sessions

Package Price £1500

Affinity Scheme

Your Great Mind is delighted to be part of the affinity scheme with The Fitness Society

Coaching_9Any member of The Fitness Society will get 10% any Coaching Packages paid in full

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