Corporate Coaching

Your Great Mind pride ourselves on our reputation, professionalism, honesty, ethics and client satisfaction.  We are passionate about what we do and facilitating the changes in our clients.

We work with our clients to coach them to achieve their goals. We do this by listening and hearing our clients, and really understanding what they are wanting to achieve.  We understand where the individual is at the current moment in time and what process steps they need to do to achieve the goal. Focussing on the process steps required can be more powerful than focusing on the end result. If you achieve all the process steps then by default you will achieve your Goal. We set tasks that will help the client achieve what they want and are interested what happens at home and in general life in between the sessions, not just what happens during the session.

I have over 15 years experience working in various Corporate Organisations. I am CIPD CTP  (Charted Institute of Professional Development Certificate in Training) Practice and Prince2 qualified with experience of project managing and delivering various training courses.  I am a Professional NLP Master Practitioner, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy therapist. I have worked on large projects where communication, change management, coaching and training, have been the key to the success of the project.

Change Management


One of the main reasons projects fail is due to lack of user involvement.

Change happens all the time in life and organizations, but is your organization ready for change?   Without user involvement nobody in the business feels committed to a system or project, and can even be hostile to it.

The answer; is on site coaching working with senior management.  If a project is to be a success senior management and users need to be involved from the start, and continuously throughout the development. This requires time and effort, and when the people in a business are already stretched, finding time for a new project is not high on their priorities. Therefore senior management need to continuously support the project to make it clear to staff it is a priority. Change Management is key in engaging all staff.

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Process and Problem Solving


The answer; is coaching. We work together to set realistic and achievable goals, and plan the best route to get to your desired outcome.  Often people know where they want to get too, it’s the journey that they are unsure about. We have years of experience in process and problem solving, with systems and Customer Relationship Management. 

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 I am aware every business is unique so I am always happy to discuss you bespoke requirements with you.


   CIPD Membership no 22655301

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