Many women dread going through the menopause. In the run up to the menopause oestrogen levels decrease, causing the ovaries to stop producing an egg every month. The side effects can be embarrassing hot flushes (with noticeable sweating, and redness in the face) sleepless nights, mood swings. It certainly is not a pleasant time for a lady.

Less than one in 10 women seek medical advice, and those that do are often prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy. Why is that? Menopause_1


There is however another option, that is natural and can control the symptoms, hypnotherapy. A study commissioned by the North American Menopause Society concluded that there was solid evidence that hypnosis was beneficial. Many people might be understandably very sceptical about hypnosis. You are aware of what is happening all the time, its rather like that early morning state, just before you open your eyes. You know when you feel comfortable and warm under the duvet, but you are totally aware of the sounds around you. Yes that’s right that warm toasty, safe feeling that is what you can expect during hypnosis.


You are not alone and there is no need to suffer the symptoms of the menopause or use hormone replacement therapy. Everyone is unique, that is what makes the world such a wonderful diverse place that we live in. Unlike hormone replacement therapy, where the same prescription is given to every lady, we work together to understand you own unique symptoms and triggers. Then design a package that is tailored to you. We combine the physical and the physiological aspects to control the symptoms of the menopause.

What If?Menopause_2

You could control your menopausal sweats, and mood swings without chemicals and hormones? You felt in control of your mind and your body. What if you were able to declutter your mind at the same time as an extra bonus, and have more clarity in your thoughts? The unwanted mood swings were a thing of the past? You are able to go out without worrying about the embarrassing hot flushes. How would that be?


If that sounds good then  Contact us today to start your journey to be in control of the menopause symptoms.