Stop Smoking and the habits behind it now

 E cigarettes

E cigarettes are getting more and more popular. On every high street there are shops opening selling them.

Is it just me?

Do you ever wonder as I do as it is good to wonder? I don’t understand the reason for them! They are full of chemicals, possibly more than in a normal cigarette. AE departments are reporting accidents of them exploding in people’s faces leaving permanent scars. They are unregulated and no analysis has been completed on the long term risks.

In addition you don’t stop the habit of smoking, you merely change it to a substitute so you are still a slave to chemicals and habits.

I just don’t get them…Stop Smoking

Do you want to continue to be a slave to something you hold between your fingers and inhale?

Or do you want to stop smoking?

With NLP and Hypnosis we look at the habits and the triggers for smoking.

  • When do you smoke?
  • Any particular time of the day?
  • What triggers you to light up?
  • What triggers you to buy the next packet of ciggies? BTS_image

We also look at your beliefs. Do you believe you can stop? Do you truly want to stop, or do you say yes to the world but internally you are saying no?

it’s important to get your beliefs sorted, so:

  • Do you believe you can stop smoking?
  • Do you believe it will be easy to quit smoking?
  • Do you believe you are an addict?

We are all unique and the reason you smoke will also be unique to you. So we make the smoking cessation session unique to you.

Most hypnosis fails to help with smoking because the reason for the habit is not addressed.  Even if the smoking is stopped, without the stress behind the habit being removed, a person can simply transfer the stress onto another habit, like eating or drinking more alcohol.

If you want to stop being a slave and stop smoking now or in the future contact us A_cig2today to arrange your one to one bespoke session or 07884061142

You know now could be smoke free by Christmas


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